Check out our past “Facts of the Week” below to learn more about Stilwell Elementary PTO! 


Stilwell’s Back to School Night Event is one that many look forward to at the beginning of each school year, and is well loved by our kids according to the PTO Parent Survey. This event’s cost was $3,356.98 this year.

The PTO greatly prioritizes covering the expenses of field trips for all students every year.  On average, field trips total $10,000 per school year, $4,000 of which is bus fees to get the students to where they are going.  This year, that breaks down to about $44.00 per student.

The PTO, through the generous support of our school families, has provided the funds to purchase the alternative seating in our school’s classrooms. To date, $7,966.43 has been spent on alternative seating. Ask your child what his/her favorite alternative seating option is, and check it out during conferences next week!


When the PTO holds an event outside of school hours, such as Back to School Night, Carnival, and Winter Social, the PTO pays Custodial fees in addition to the cost of the actual events?  Last year these fees alone totaled:  $984.00


The PTO membership fee is meant to cover the operating/ non-revenue expenses of the PTO. As a business, we pay taxes, insurance, State of Kansas Non-Profit Filing, CPA fees, etc. These operating expenses total approximately $12, 540 each year. Our goal is that 100% of families become PTO members. If this was the case, with the 176 families that we have at Stilwell this year, the $15 membership fee would generate $2,640 to apply to operating expenses. As you can see, there is already a deficit. So far this year, PTO membership is at only 43%, bringing in $1,125.00 for operating expenses. In addition, PTO fees paid online are subject to a District processing fee. The total fees we have accrued just for PTO membership fees has totaled $24.08.